30 Albums to Get Excited About in 2022

New Years resolutions are overhyped. We wait until a holiday hits to make personal goals we’ll forget about in a month, and then we make an annual tradition out of it? But there is indeed a lot of hype to a new year, and deservedly so — there’s always a lot to look forward to. In 2022, that’s especially true with new music. From the genres of indie pop, punk rock metalcore, and more, let’s look at 30 albums that have us hyped for the new year.

The Acacia Strain – TBA

It’s not often that a metal band gets more ferocious with age, but that’s just what The Acacia Strain showed us with Slow Decay – a 12-song deathcore demolition. Vincent Bennett and crew are back for seconds, with the follow-up LP expected sometime this year. If it’s anything like “One Thousand Painful Stings” and “Crippling Poison,” get ready for a brutal ride.

Anberlin – TBA

2022 will mark eight years since Anberlin put out their last album, which – until now – was also supposed to be their last. Yet, the alternative rockers’ return has felt like a whirlwind, and it helps they’ve been busy with livestream playthroughs of all their albums. They also premiered new material in the vigorous “Two Graves,” hinting at more tunes to come – hopefully this year.

Barrie – Barbara (March 25)

The first time I heard Barrie’s “Darjeeling” was in a Chipotle, and I was hooked. But this isn’t an ordinary radio cut, it’s a dreamy pop-rock hit that propelled Barrie Lindsay to unknown songwriter to contemporary indie success. Her band’s second album, Barbara, is due out in March, and from the initial impressions of “Quarry,” this material may be even dreamier.

Big Thief – Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You (February 11)

It’s felt like forever since the last Big Thief album, but that’s what happens when you serve up multiple full-lengths in the same year. But in the meantime, Adrianne Lenker has stayed busy with multiple releases of her own. Now, three years removed from the dueling indie folk tour de force that was U.F.O.F. and Two Hands, the act is ready to drop their next effort in February.

Bring Me the Horizon – TBA

Bring Me the Horizon is set to enter their next chapter this year, and who knows what it’ll sound like? The continuation of their Post Human EP series could look something like the synth-rock of “DiE4U,” their first single since the booming rock resurgence of Survival Horror. But the Brits love to keep us on their toes, and what they’re cooking up is likely to stay ahead of the curve.

Charli XCX – Crash (March 18)

The queen of hyperpop is back – and this time, she’s out of quarantine. How I’m Feeling Now showed just how far Charli XCX could go with her blend of pop and electronica, which she recorded at her home amid the pandemic. For Crash, she’s departing a bit from her chaotic brand, aiming for a more “poptastic” sound on the final LP on her current record deal.

Dance Gavin Dance – TBA

It’s wild to think that the next Dance Gavin Dance full-length will be Tilian Pearson’s sixth with the band, but the post-hardcore outfit has turned into a model of consistency across the past decade. They entered the studio last summer to record their next effort and are looking to maintain their reign in 2022 with the follow-up to Afterburner, which topped the rock charts.

The Devil Wears Prada – TBA

It appears The Devil Wears Prada has gone as far as they can with their strain of artsy post-hardcore, and they’re ready to go back to their metalcore roots. At least, that’s what we saw on 2021’s ZII and the subsequent single, “Sacrifice.” If this most recent track is any indication of what their next LP will be like, Prada will make longtime fans like myself happy.

Drug Church – Hygiene (March 11)

Drug Church is one of the most underrated bands in the punk scene, and Hygiene may just change that. A perfect culmination of ‘90s alternative rock and hardcore, the band’s 2021 EP, TAWNY, was a joyous, high-energy listen. Singles “Million Miles of Fun” and “World Impact” are more of the same, raising expectations and eyebrows. Paul Walker would surely be a fan.

Foxy Shazam – The Heart Behead You (February 11)

Eric Sean Nally: Just hearing his name should automatically put a smile on your face. Foxy Shazam’s enigmatic frontman carried the band’s comeback album, Burn, in 2020. With his best Freddie Mercury and the rest of the group’s relentless stadium rock, the anticipation remains high for February’s The Heart Behead You. Let’s just hope Nally has stopped eating cigarettes.

Greyhaven – This Bright and Beautiful World (April 15)

Greyhaven’s Empty Black instantly put the band on watchlists for those gearing up for the future of metalcore. For fans of The Dillinger Escape Plan and Every Time I Die, the genre doesn’t get much better than that record. But the Kentucky metal players sure will try to keep the upper hand, with their next aggressive romp, This Bright and Beautiful World, due out in spring 2022.

Higher Power – TBA

To find the best new hardcore, you can’t limit yourself to what America has to offer. Higher Power brings their groove from across the pond, and they’re continuing to play to their ‘90s roots with “Fall from Grace,” their first single since 27 Miles Underwater – and a more melodic one at that. If 2021 was the year of Turnstile, then 2022 could be the year of Higher Power.

Kendrick Lamar – TBA

It seems like Kendrick Lamar has made everyone’s list of most anticipated albums of the year for four straight years now. But after hinting at his final LP with Top Dawg Entertainment last fall, the next full-length could be imminent. “See you soon enough,” he said in the signed statement. How soon is anyone’s guess, but it’s rumored Kendrick has enough material for six albums.

Loathe – TBA

I Iet It In and It Took Everything made end-of-the-year lists far and wide in 2020, catapulting Loathe into the mainstream metal consciousness. With progressive metal peaks like “Aggressive Evolution” and shoegazy Deftones worship like “Two-Way Mirror,” it’s no surprise. If the next evolution in their sound is anything close to as invigorating, the group is sure to delight.

Mitski – Laurel Hell (February 4)

Mitski took a step up in her career with 2018’s Be the Cowboy, a combination of indie pop and indie rock that sounded as massive and developed as anything in her catalogue. While she wrote most of Laurel Hell that same year, it’s just now hitting ears in 2022. She described the new LP as a “soundtrack for transformation,” a strong statement for the evolving musician.

Machine Gun Kelly – Born with Horns (TBA)

Machine Gun Kelly can’t seem to stay out of the headlines, whether he’s winning Rock Album of the Year or beefing with Corey Taylor. He’ll be back on everyone’s minds in 2022 when he drops Born with Horns, the subsequent album in his pop-punk repertoire. “Papercuts” was more alternative rock than pop-punk, but Travis Barker back on drums provides plenty of hope.

My Bloody Valentine – TBA

Unlike their peers Ride and Swervedriver, My Bloody Valentine hasn’t released music as actively since their comeback. But that’s soon going to change with their first new tunes in nine years – and not just one album, but two in 2022. Kevin Shields says one of the LPs will be more experimental, which is saying a lot for shoegaze’s most cutting edge and inventive artist.

Paramore – TBA

Important announcement: Paramore is back in the studio. Their first album since 2017’s After Laughter may be coming soon, leaving us with little idea what it’ll sound like – apart from the fact it’s a guitar-heavy record. But they’re not living in the past. “I’m always waiting for the moment we’re onto something new and not just rehashing the same shit,” Hayley Williams said.

Pinegrove – 11:11 (January 28)

It’s becoming a routine at this point: a new Pinegrove album every two years. However, 11:11 may be the last in this trend for a while, as the emo group anticipates a slowdown in the near future. There’s plenty to rejoice about in the time being, as the band brought in Death Cab for Cutie’s Chris Walla to mix the new record, and it’s due out just a few weeks from now.


The dream is far from over for PUP. Stefan Babcock’s doctor never anticipated the punk outfit continuing past their debut, and yet they’re now approaching their fourth full-length. An encore to Morbid Stuff, the strongest offering in their discography, is no easy task. But “Waiting” and “Kill Something” assure listeners that the band is still in the prime of their career in 2022.

Senses Fail – Hell Is in Your Head (July 15)

Senses Fail’s longevity has been a shock to many, but Buddy Nielsen’s evolution has been a welcome sight for the scene – and it’s allowed the post-hardcore act to flourish into a third decade. Hell Is in Your Head drops in July, and the first two singles (“Death by Water” and “I’m Sorry I’m Leaving”) suggest the unification of their melodic emo roots and hardcore aggression.

Slipknot – TBA

Heavier than We Are Not Your Kind: That’s what Slipknot is going for with their next LP. If this rings true as Corey Taylor suggests, we’re in for a treat. If their 2019 record parallels the filthy thickness of Iowa, then their newest single “The Chapeltown Rag” suggests a return to even deeper roots. “There’s so many different elements on this one,” Taylor says. Brace yourself.

Smrtdeath – It’s Fine (April 8)

When Epitaph Records went all in on emo rap, Smrtdeath was the most eccentric of the label’s signees. His androgynous look and self-deprecating lyrics made him an instant standout, and he’s looking to build on his success with It’s Fine, set for an April release. “Misfit” suggests he’s going all in on pop-punk, like his contemporary Lil Lotus did with last year’s gem, Error Boy.

Soul Glo – Diaspora Problems (March 25)

Add Soul Glo to the ever-growing list of breakthrough hardcore artists. 2022 is the year they’ll make their strongest imprint in the genre yet, after signing with Epitaph Records and recording their first full-length with the label. Diaspora Problems should give us a taste of everything this band is about: fast, raucous hardcore with sudden bursts of hip-hop and EDM. It’s going to rule.

Underoath – Voyeurist (January 14)

Erase Me was a noble reunion album for Underoath, but it left listeners eager for something with a little more punch. Voyeurist may just be the response longtime fans hoped for. The band recorded the LP themselves for the first time in their career, and “Hallelujah” and “Damn Excuses” hint at a return to their metalcore edge – without pandering to 2000s nostalgia.

Vein.fm – This World Is Going to Ruin You (March 4)

It’s been almost four years since Vein’s previous record, and in that time, they became Vein.fm (since another band held the name already). One thing hasn’t changed, and that’s the hardcore group’s penchant for brutality. “The Killing Womb” raises the temperature in the room in anticipation for one of the most wicked metal records of 2022, This World Is Going to Ruin You.

We Came As Romans – TBA

We Came As Romans answered the question of how they’d move forward following the tragic loss of Kyle Pavone with “Darkbloom,” a metalcore anthem primed for hard rock radio. The former scene band is now a grown-up metal act with breakdowns – and a great metal act at that. Following two additional singles, hopefully a full-length is coming sometime this year.

The Weeknd – Dawn FM (January 7)

Less than a year removed from the Super Bowl halftime show, The Weeknd is back with another record. The sudden release of Dawn FM in early January was a pleasant surprise to start the new year, and it’s another gorgeous blend of pop, R&B, hip-hop, and EDM. With “Take My Breath” already appearing in commercials, the Toronto pop star just keeps the hits coming.

A Will Away – Stew (February 18)

If there’s one word to aptly describe A Will Away, it’s delectable. The band merged emo and punk on their sentimental rookie release, Here Again. Four years later, they’re returning with a sophomore disc that appears to be as fun and electrifying as anything the genre has to offer this year. Give single “Karma” a listen for a quick pick-me-up, then preorder the February release.

100 gecs – 10000 gecs (TBA)

There’s not an urgent need for a new 100 gecs album, since “Money Machine” has been stuck in our heads for almost three years now. But it certainly wouldn’t hurt to find a new jam to put on repeat, and the hyperpop standouts have already done so with “mememe.” If you think 10000 gecs is going to be good, just wait until the duo drop 100000000 gecs 10 years from now.

Featured Image Credit: Charli XCX (Getty Images), Mitski (Em Grey/Brooklyn Vegan), Slipknot (Joe Okpako/Wire Image), Higher Power (Summer Breeze)

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